Homeowners understand that over the years, things wear out. But what can be confusing for most of us is knowing when some complex or technical items are nearing the end of their life expectancy. Most homeowners never touch things like their electrical panel or air conditioner. So we rely on professionals to provide us with indications that one of these critical components is wearing out or becoming unsafe. When you evaluate your home’s electrical panel, there are several tell-tale signs that you need to call your trusted electrician.


Age is a significant consideration when you are evaluating an electrical panel. You should think about updating any electrical panel that is over twenty years old. When you think about all of the technology that we have brought into our homes in the last two decades, it is easy to see why most homes need a beefier electrical panel than the one that was installed over twenty years ago. A new electrical panel is the best way for you to protect the sizable investment you have made in things like your new HVAC system, costly electronic devices, state of the art kitchen appliances, and your computers.


Many decades ago, homes were built with fuse boxes rather than electrical breaker panels. The fuse would blow when it became too hot. Then it needed to be replaced to restore the electrical service. These systems are well outdated and not designed to handle the power to run all the modern electrical devices in our homes. If you are still replacing blown fuses, it is time to upgrade to a current electrical panel.


If you are noticing the lights in your home flickering regularly, it is a sign that your electrical panel is not meeting your needs. The lights are not getting sufficient power. And it is time for an upgrade.


If you find that your current electrical panel smells like burnt toast, the box is warm to the touch, or there are scorch marks on the panel, you need an immediate upgrade. These are signs that the current panel is overloaded and unsafe. The burnt smell and scorch marks are an indication of tiny fires in the box. And unless it is upgraded immediately, you could be faced with a life-threatening electrical fire.


If you are heading to the electrical panel a few times a week to reset a breaker, something is wrong. It could be a lack of power, or the breaker could be worn out. But the only way to know for sure is to consult with a licensed electrician.


Your electrical panel was sized and installed to meet the needs of your home and its square footage. If you are adding new rooms or features to your home, chances are that you will need more electricity to power the new spaces and features. Adding an upgraded electrical panel to the scope of your for your home addition is a wise and cost-effective choice. Nothing is worse than discovering after the expansion is completed that you don’t have adequate power. Then you are tearing up your new space to upgrade wiring and outlets.

Most homeowners begin to notice several of these indications as their home’s electrical panel reaches an age where it is no longer functional. That is the time to call (813) 359-1944 to speak to the team of pros at Mr. Electric about an upgrade. Don’t wait until you have experienced the loss of appliances or an electrical fire due to an unsafe electrical panel.

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