When you are relaxing in your home in some much-deserved peace and quiet, have you noticed an odd buzzing sound coming from your walls? It could also be a low humming sound, much like a vibration. But what you need to know is that this is not a typical sound you can just forget about. That annoying sound could be an indication of a severe problem with your home’s electrical wiring, switches, or outlets that requires professional repair immediately. If left unrepaired, the result could be catastrophic.

Finding The Offender

As all homeowners know, there are many sounds in your home that are only noticeable when the house is mostly quiet. It could be the hum of your HVAC fan, the sound of water filling your fridge ice maker, or any number of other appliances. So you will want to track down the source of the buzzing or humming before becoming too concerned. You can walk through the house to determine the room or area where the noise is most noticeable. If it is not in front of an appliance, then it is a strong indication that the sound is coming from inside the wall, and about the only explanation is your home’s electrical system.

What Is Creating The Buzzing?

There are many options related to your home’s electrical system that could be generating a vibrating or humming sound. When the sound appears to be emanating from inside the wall, several items could be the culprit, including:

  • A bad connection inside an electrical outlet or junction box inside the wall could be causing the annoying humming.
  • The problem could be a loose screw used to attach the ground wire inside an electrical box.
  • Ceiling fans can begin to hum or buzz as they age. To eliminate this possibility, turn off any fans to see if the noise stops.
  • Fluorescent bulbs are also famous for humming, so turn off any fluorescent lighting fixtures to see if that does the trick.
  • A half open air vent can sometimes create an odd whistling or buzzing noise as air pressure builds up. Put an ear to your vents to eliminate this possibility.
  • If the odd sound seems to be coming from a vacant part of your wall, check outside to see if that is the location of your gas meter. On occasion, a worn gas meter can begin to create a humming sound when it needs repair.
  • It is also possible that bees or wasps have invaded your home’s walls or ceilings.

Can You Really Hear Electricity?

Under normal conditions, you should not hear any sound as electricity is running through your home’s wires and other components. Suppose you hear buzzing, crackling, or humming at an outlet or other electrical connection or junction box. In that case, there is a problem, and you need to call in the pros from Mr. Electric immediately.

Potential Problems That Hum Or Buzz

The most common reason for an odd buzzing coming from your electrical wiring is a loose connection or faulty wiring. It can happen as your electrical components age or if the wiring was installed incorrectly. In most cases, these sounds are coming from an outlet. And after many years of reliability, the act of plugging and unplugging has loosened the wires to create the issue.

If you live in a new or newer home, the noise is almost always related to improper wiring. Reversed polarity from bad wiring creates a constant hum that is annoying but should be viewed as a safety warning. The sound is letting you know that there is a problem before it results in serious damage. Another indication of reversed polarity is that the humming sound will increase when you plug an appliance into the offending outlet.

Safety First, Always

If you find that the annoying humming in your home is coming from your electrical wiring, and outlet, or some other electrical component, call (813) 359-1944 immediately. A licensed electrician from Mr. Electric will arrive quickly to evaluate the problem and provide you with cost-effective solutions to correct the problem, eliminate the potential for a life-threatening electric shock, or even an electrical fire in your home.

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