Many residents are looking at their electric bills and wondering why they keep increasing each month. Those same people are often quick to blame rate increases. But those are rarer than you would think. The most common reason for increased electric bills is household energy waste. But once you know the most prominent offenders in your home, you can eliminate them and start getting your electric bill back down to a more manageable level.

Put A Stake In Electricity Vampires

The average person believes that all the appliances in their home stop consuming power when they turn them off. But that is far from what is happening. Any appliance or electronic device that uses a remote is in sleep mode but not really turned off. Your home’s TVs, DVD players, and other items with a remote, like a fan or lighting, continue to sip power, waiting for the remote to activate them. This is also true of things that have a display or clock that remains illuminated. That device is constantly consuming energy. And while you might think it is just a tiny amount, it can add up quickly. Count the number of remotes in your home and then the devices with a digital display or clock that is always lit. Each one is nibbling away at the cash in your wallet. The solution is to plug all of those items into a power strip that you turn off when not in use. This will stop the trickle of power and the drain on your wallet.

Don’t Forget The Tiniest Vampires In The House

We all have our go-to power cord that is always plugged in and ready to give our phones a quick boost. But that charger constantly uses a small amount of power, even when your phone is nowhere near it. Unplug phone, tablet, and computer chargers when they are not in use. In addition, unplug devices when they have reached a full charge to save power. Leaving a phone or tablet plugged into a charger does not help the device, but it does consume power. Unplug items as soon as they are charged and then unplug the charger.

Use Appliances To Their Fullest

The critical thing to remember with appliances like your clothes washer, dishwasher, and even the refrigerator is full is better. Wash only full loads of clothes and dishes to get the most bang for your electricity buck. And Keep your fridge full to make it less challenging to maintain the cool temperature inside. These tricks will reduce the energy that your appliances are consuming and your electric bills.

Use Ceiling Fans And Lights Properly

Task lighting might sound like a catchphrase for designers, but it is also a smart idea. Lighting an entire room so that you can read is a waste of energy. Instead, add light fixtures to areas requiring light for a specific task, like a desk, work surface, or reading nook. Stop wasting power and adding heat to your home by lighting an entire room. And just like your parents always said, turn the light off when you leave the room.

The same rule applies to ceiling fans. Fans don’t change the temperature in a room. Instead, they circulate the air to help you feel more comfortable. So enjoy the added comfort while you are in the room, but turn it off to conserve power when you leave the room.

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