Keeping your home functioning on a budget can be challenging, especially as we head into the fall and then the holiday season. It seems like there are always new expenses popping up and increases in your routine bills. However, when you find creative ways to keep your utility bills under budget, you can apply that extra cash to other bills to help combat your stress. Reducing your electric bill can be easier than you think when you follow just a few simple tips.

Cooking And Kitchen Clean Up

There is no denying the added nutritional value of home-cooked meals. But many homeowners have discovered that their electric bills increase when the weather cools down, and they begin cooking more frequently. The solution is to make smart choices about how and when you cook. For example, if the weather is warm, try to cook less with your oven. Instead, use a toaster oven or microwave to reduce the unwanted extra heat in your home and reduce the power needed for cooking and cooling your home.

However, once the weather cools down, and you run your furnace, cooking with your full-size oven adds extra heat to your home. So try backing cookies on a cool evening or baking your favorite family dish to add to the comfort of your house and some quality family time.

Keeping your fresh foods cool is a year-round challenge that can also be an energy hog. Be sure to keep the coils on your refrigerator free of dust and dirt. Use your vacuum cleaner or sweeper attachments to remove the dust that keeps your refrigerator from operating at its peak energy efficiency. This simple task will take only a few minutes but will help reduce the energy used by your fridge and add a few years to its life.

Finally, forget about washing dishes by hand. An ENERGY STAR dishwasher will use much less water than hand washing and will save you valuable time. But to make the most of this helpful appliance, only run it when the machine is fully loaded. This maximizes the electricity used to wash your dishes.

More Comfort But Less Power

Running your AC and furnace can get expensive. But no one wants to be too hot or cold in their own home. The solution could be as simple as installing a few ceiling fans in your home. The fans do not change the air temperature in your home, but they do recirculate it to make you feel more comfortable. In the winter, the fan will push the warm air down from the ceiling to the living space to help you feel cozy and warm. In the summer, the fan will draw the hot air up to the ceiling, leaving the cooler air for you to enjoy in the living space.

Use Blinds And Curtains

Having good blinds or curtains at your windows is essential for energy efficiency. In the winter months, open the window coverings during the day to welcome the sun’s warmth. But close the curtains when the sun sets to add insulation and keep the heat in your home. In the summertime, use curtains or blinds to block out unwanted heat from the sun during the day. Using these affordable tools wisely will help you to reduce your heating and cooling costs throughout the year.

To learn more about how to save energy and reduce your electric bill, call (813) 359-1944. The licensed electricians at Mr. Electric have many helpful hints and can assist you with ceiling fan installations and other energy-saving upgrades for your home.

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