Many homeowners in Tampa will proudly tell you that their home is very energy efficient. However, in most cases, that statement is based on anything but facts. Energy studies across the country have found that the average home is only operating at about 50%of its potential energy efficiency. And as soon as homeowners learn that scary fact, they are eager to learn how they can increase their home’s energy efficiency and begin saving on their utility bills.

HVAC Is The Top Energy Consumer

The best way to attack a substantial electric bill is to start with the largest electricity consumer in your home, the heating and cooling equipment. Of course, having this equipment serviced regularly is the best way to keep it operating at peak efficiency. But there are many other ways to ensure that you get the most for your heating and cooling dollars. For example, eliminating air gaps around doors and windows, keeping furniture away from HVAC vents, and adding insulation to your home are all ways to keep your warmed and cooled air inside for added comfort and lower utility bills. Finally, for only a few dollars, you can replace a dirty air filter to increase your HVAC system’s efficiency significantly.

Choose Energy Star Appliances

Replacing old appliances with Energy Star rated choices will save anywhere from 10% to 90% of the energy used by the device. In addition, all new appliances are far more energy-efficient than older models that we made just a decade ago. So when you are ready to reinvest some cash in your home, look at purchasing new appliances to enjoy a return on your investment each month in the form of lower electric bills.

Use Those New Appliances Wisely

We are all very accustomed to using the appliances in our homes to make our lives easier. They wash and dry our clothes and dishes, heat and cool our homes and keep our food cold and fresh. But there are many times that we do not use these appliances as efficiently as we could. For example, only run the dishwasher when it is fully loaded, and never use the drying cycle that is a big energy consumer. This simple step will save energy and water. Likewise, only wash a load of clothing when you have a full load. And opt to wash in cold water so that you are not taxing your water heater to heat water for the washing machine. New cold water formulated soap will get clothes as clean as washing in hot water but for a fraction of the cost. And the cooler water will be less damaging to the fabric, so your clothes will last longer.

Let The Oven Help Heat Your Home

In the summertime, we all enjoy cooking outdoors to keep the house cool and comfortable. But in the winter months, bake as often as you like. The heat from your oven will help keep your home toasty and warm. In addition, baking and roasting are very affordable ways to make healthy and tasty meals at home to avoid the cost of eating out or ordering take out.

These are all fundamental tips that can help save money on your electric bill. However, if you would like recommendations specific to your home, call (813) 359-1944. The licensed electricians at Mr. Electric will visit your home and complete an evaluation of your energy efficiency. When finished, we can provide you with a list of updates and repairs that will increase your home’s energy efficiency and help to lower your monthly electric bills. Some of the suggestions include updates like installing a programmable thermostat and eliminating energy vampires.

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