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Will Using Ceiling Fans Lower Your Electric Bill In The Summer?

You are sure to have heard from friends with ceiling fans that these little wonders have helped them lower their electric bill in the summertime. But you could be wondering if it is possible, and if so, how does it work. After all, you are paying for the electricity to run a ceiling fan and your air conditioner. So shouldn’t that cost more?

We are going to try and clear up several of these questions. But first, we need to eliminate the most common misconception about ceiling fans. While these are great additions to your Tampa home, ceiling fans do not change the temperature in your home. All these devices do is increase the airflow or air circulation throughout the room or your home.

Think About A Hot Air Balloon

We have all marveled at the sight of a hot air balloon. The flame shoots out and heats the air in the balloon to make it rise because hot air rises.  And the same thing happens to the hot air in your home. It collects around the ceiling while the cooled air settles to the floor. So when you turn on a ceiling fan rotating counterclockwise, it draws the cool air up off the floor, making your living space more appealing.

Another Added Benefit

The reason you feel cooler when a ceiling fan is operating is not that it cools the air, but it does help your skin cool your body. The moving air crosses your skin and wicks the moisture in the form of sweat to help you feel cooler. So sure, you feel more comfortable, but not because the ceiling fan is dropping the air temperature in the room.

How You Can Save Some Money Thanks To A Ceiling Fan

When you have a ceiling fan helping your body cool through the wicking of sweat, you do not grasp the room temperature in the same manner. In essence, you feel cooler at the same temperature as you did without the fan operating. So the way that you save money is to turn your thermostat up a few degrees. A room that was comfortable at 72 degrees and no ceiling fan will feel just as comfortable at 75 or even 77 degrees with a ceiling fan circulating.

Turning the thermostat up those three to five degrees decreases the workload of your air conditioner, and that saves you money on your electric bill. But for this plan to succeed, you need to only turn the ceiling fan on when you enter the room and be sure to turn it off when you leave the room. Remember, ceiling fans do not cool rooms. They cool people.

Ceiling Fan Installation

If your home was prewired for ceiling fans, there should be an electrical box in the ceiling ready for a new fan. However, if you have an older home, the process will be a little more complicated. A licensed electrician can locate and extend the wiring to the center of each room that gets a new ceiling fan. There will be an electrical box installed to house the wires and serve to mount the ceiling fan as well.

For a free price quote to install ceiling fans in your home at prewired locations or include the necessary wiring, call (813) 359-1944. Our experts will take care of everything needed to have ceiling fans helping you stay cool and comfortable while also reducing your electric bills. And all of the work will be covered by the Mr. Electric customer satisfaction guarantee and a full warranty on parts and labor.

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