When you hear the term electrical panel, you might not be sure what it is referring to. Some people will call it a breaker box, others say electrical panel, and sadly some still use the term fuse box. But all of these are pretty much the same item, with slightly different titles. The electrical panel is the metal enclosure or box that houses the breakers for your home’s electrical system. In essence, it is the hub of the electrical service where the main electrical supply is broken down into smaller circuits.

Each one of the circuits delivers power to a different part of your home. Some are dedicated to large features like the air conditioner, furnace, home theater, or swimming pool pumps. Other circuits service a few appliances or outlets in a room or a couple of rooms. And each circuit is controlled and protected by a circuit breaker that will interrupt the flow of power if it detects an issue with the incoming electricity or the circuit. Knowing this, it is easy to understand how the electrical panel in your home is essential for everything that operates via the electrical system. And why you need to know when this integral piece of equipment needs to be replaced. Some of the deciding factors for an electrical panel replacement include:

The Age Of The Panel

Like everything, an electrical panel will wear out. But unlike many other items in your home, when the electrical panel fails, you can be in from some trouble, from a power surge or power failure to an increased potential for an electrical fire. In most cases, with a professionally installed electrical panel, you can expect about 25 years of service before it is time to plan on a replacement.

Physical Issues

When you notice any physical damage to the electrical panel or the enclosure, it is time to call (813) 359-1944 for immediate help. The licensed electricians at Mr. Electric are here 24/7 to handle electrical emergencies or to schedule an appointment to address issues like:

  • Rust on the panel or enclosure
  • If the enclosure is warm to the touch
  • Broken or damaged breaker switches
  • Breakers that will not reset or are very difficult to reset
  • You notice crackling, popping, or other odd sounds coming from the box
  • You smell something smoky or burning when near the electrical panel

A Home Renovation Or Upgrade

You will also want to consider replacing or upgrading your electrical panel when you take on a home renovation or addition. Adding square footage or upgraded features like chef-quality kitchen appliances is sure to require added electrical capacity. It is also the perfect time to add more outlets to rooms with limited access to charging for personal devices.

Call (813) 359-1944 or click here to schedule an appointment for an electrical panel inspection if you are unsure about the age or function of your home’s electrical panel. The licensed professionals at Mr. Electric will provide all the information you need to keep your home and loved ones safe.

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