Having a well-organized and outfitted office is essential, whether in your home or an office building. Fortunately, there are a few affordable and straightforward electrical upgrades that you can make to increase your productivity and, hopefully, profit margin.

Super Affordable And Simple

Cord management sounds like a fancy name for wasting time to make everything look pretty. However, this is a serious task that can save you time and frustration. No one wants to battle with a web of tangled wires when moving a laptop or relocating a monitor. You might even put off adding some new technology because you don’t want to wrestle with the ball of cords. However, cable management will eliminate those issues and the potential for some severe overheating. So find the system that you like to keep cords and cables organized and free from the tangles that can result in short-circuits, overheating, and a nasty coffee spill when you go to move your tech.

Eliminate Eye Strain And Headaches

Adding a few affordable light fixtures can provide a significant reduction in eyestrain and headaches. No one is productive when their head is pounding and their eyes are throbbing. So add a few LED lights to provide adequate illumination without adding heat or sucking up too much electricity. And even better, these light bulbs will last about ten times longer than the old incandescent bulbs that were prone to breaking and overheating.

Add Outlets

If your office is a myriad of power strips and extension cords, you could be creating a severe safety hazard. Any time you plug more than two items into an outlet, you are likely overloading it. The result is going to be too much heat and electricity for the wiring and outlet to handle. Soon you could be noticing a faint smoke odor as the wiring inside the wall begins to smolder and then catch fire. Also, it is essential to note that plugging in two power strips to an outlet does not count as two items unless only one device is plugged into each power strip. Contact a licensed electrician to install more outlets to eliminate the safety issue and potential damage to your expensive electronics.

Create A Collaborative Space

Presentation technology is much more affordable and easy to operate than it was just a few years ago. The benefit of having a place for everyone to gather and collaborate using visual devices and tools is priceless, even though the gear is very affordable. Invest some time in exploring the presentation tech for slides, screen shares, and even adding virtual meetings to let everyone get involved in projects to create the highest quality product for your team and customers.

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