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Here’s What Your Children Need to Learn About Electrical Safety

In Tampa, FL, where thunderstorms are commonplace — the city averages 78 thunderstorm days a year, according to Weather Underground — electrocutions happen whenever water and electricity mix. Watching your electronics fry can be unpleasant, but seeing your children harmed would be devastating. Teaching them about electrical safety shouldn’t wait until a storm is on the way. Your kids should always be aware of electricity and how dangerous it can be. Here are some electrical safety lessons to teach them.

Don’t Stick Things Into Sockets

Children who have just learned how to walk will start to discover devices and gadgets. They’ll also become fascinated with holes in the walls, such as sockets. And curious kids will be tempted to find something sharp and long to stick into a socket to see what happens. Just saying no may not be good enough. In simple terms, explain to your children that electricity flows through sockets, and if they stick something into a socket, it will cause electricity to flow through them.

Keep Electrical Devices Away From Water

One of the more common accidents in households occurs when electrical devices like toasters and hair dryers are used near water. These devices leak electrical current into the water and can electrocute anyone touching the water. Even your mobile device can cause an electrical shock if it touches water while you’re holding it.

It’s important to teach your children to keep electrical devices at least 6 feet away from water. If they’re in the bathtub, they shouldn’t use a hairdryer or any other device that’s plugged into the electrical system. Kids also need to understand that tools and other devices powered by electricity must always be kept away from outdoor water sources like the pool, sprinklers, or puddles.

Avoid Power Surges

Teach your kids about the dangerous power surges that can occur due to thunder and lightning. Get them in the habit of helping you unplug appliances and electronics whenever a thunderstorm is on the way.

Stay Away From Broken Wires

Broken wires that are either inside or outside of the house can be active and dangerous. Most live wires are insulated, but after years of wear and tear, they can become frayed and lose some of their insulation. When this happens, the wire is still active and can give you an electric shock when you touch it. Curious children may just see the pretty wire colors and be tempted to touch the live wires or even put them in their mouths. Make sure they understand that this is extremely dangerous. The moment you see any broken wires in your house, fix the problem immediately.

Don’t Fly Kites Near Power Lines

Every year, children get electrocuted when their kites touch power lines. Although the kite’s string isn’t metal and therefore doesn’t conduct electricity, it’s often dirty with accumulated sweat. This surface liquid acts as a conductor, and the electrical current will be conducted from the power line down through the kite string. Teach your children to let go of their kites if the wind pulls them toward a power line. If they lose a kite, they can always get another one.

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