Toddler playing with plug

Having babies and toddlers in the home can be dangerous as there are many sharp objects and live wires they can be exposed to. However, you can make it less stressful if you teach your children about electrical safety. Here are four tips your children should follow.

1. Keep Electronics Away From Water

The summers in Tampa, FL bring lots of rain and severe thunderstorms. This means there may be puddles of water around your home or even out on the patio. With so much stagnant water around, you may not notice that your kids are playing with electric devices near water. Water is a very good conductor of electricity, and if your electric device comes into contact with a human body and water simultaneously, a fatal electric shock can occur. Remember, the device must be plugged in at the time for this to occur.

Still, the important lesson to teach your children is to keep all electrical devices away from water and away from moisture. Even touching electrical devices with moist/wet hands while they’re plugged in can give you an electrical shock. In fact, the shock can be fatal.

2. Do Not Stick Things Into Electrical Outlets

Holes in the walls must look inviting for babies and toddlers. And, it’s probably easy for children to find a small piece of metal or even a fork. However, when you stick a metal object into an electrical outlet, you’re essentially disrupting the flow of electricity and having it flow through you instead. The shock may not necessarily be enough to kill an adult, but it can certainly kill a small child.

3. Don’t Chew on Electrical Cords

Electrical cords come in all types of bright colors, and for children who love to chew, an electrical cord can look like the perfect chewable toy. Unfortunately, chewing on electrical cords is the most common electrical injury in households. When children chew on the cords, the electricity is disrupted and instead flows through their mouths, causing a severe mouth burn.

4. Avoid Yanking Cords Out

It’s tempting to be careless with cords when you unplug them. However, yanking them out damages the cord eventually, causing it to fray. When a cord is frayed, your children are more at risk of having an electrical shock. Teach your children to grab the plug when they want to unplug a device rather than pulling at the cord.

Electricity is a dangerous necessity, and having it inside your home when there are babies and toddlers can be a little frightening. However, at Mr. Electric, we believe that education is the best way to stay safe. In addition to educating your kids, we can help keep your home safe by providing childproof outlets. We can also provide thorough electrical safety inspections.

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