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Follow This Checklist to Prepare Your Home’s Electrical System Before Your Vacation

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Vacations are an excellent way to escape the cares of life. During your vacation, you can focus on having fun and relaxing so that you can regroup and jump back into the game feeling more refreshed. With any good vacation comes preparation and planning. You not only have to prepare by packing the essentials and plan where you will go and what you will do, but you also must prepare your home before you leave. One thing that takes much planning and preparation is your home’s electrical system. Nothing will put a damper on your finances more than receiving a call from your local fire department notifying you that your house has been burned to the ground because of an electrical fire. To make certain that nothing goes awry while you’re away, follow the below electrical checklist to prepare your home’s electrical system.

Unplug Your Electronics

Before leaving for vacation, you must unplug all electronics such as toasters, toaster ovens, TVs, microwaves, multimedia devices, and lamps. Leaving these electronics plugged in will not only consume unnecessary energy, but they will also leave your home at a higher risk of being damaged or destroyed by an electrical fire. Light bulbs are especially risky because they can overheat.

Adjust the Settings on Your Hot Water Heater

Newer hot water heaters have a vacation setting. The vacation setting enables your hot water heater to run less frequently to conserve energy while you’re away. Before you leave, enable the vacation setting on your hot water heater. If you have an older hot water heater that does not have a vacation setting, set the temperature to the lowest possible setting.

Adjust Your Thermostat So It Consumes Less Energy

Before leaving, you must adjust your thermostat so that it consumes the least amount of energy. To do this, increase the temperature of your thermostat a few degrees higher than your norm. Do not turn your thermostat off entirely because Tampa, Florida has some hot and humid summers. Keeping your thermostat running will ensure that humidity does not build up in your home and lead to mold growth.

Have Your Electrical System Inspected

If it has been a year since your electrical system has had a checkup, please contact Mr. Electric. We can come and perform an inspection to make sure everything is working as designed. If we spot any problems with your electrical system, we can fix them. Schedule your inspection at least one month before you leave for your vacation so there is ample time to fix any glaring issues.

Have Surge Protection Devices Installed

Storms are a fact of life in Tampa, and during these storms, lightning can strike your home. This can cause surges of electricity to go through your home’s electrical system. When power surges hit your home’s electrical system, your wiring can become damaged, your electronics can be destroyed, or your house can catch fire. To protect your home’s electrical system against power surges, you must have surge protection devices installed to absorb the excess energy and redirect it away from your home’s electrical system.

If you’re not certain that your home’s electrical system is prepped before you go on vacation, contact Mr. Electric today. We will come and help you get things in order.

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