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When done well, landscape lighting improves the security around your home by illuminating walkways, your driveway, and other aspects of your property that need to be seen. Directing flood lights on otherwise dark corners can discourage burglars. At the same time, the beauty of landscape lighting improves your home’s curb appeal and may enhance its value on the market.

Even if most of your landscape lighting is in your backyard, it still highlights the place where you entertain your guests and spend time with your family. It also lights up your landscape during the night, which may give it a more dramatic and even theatrical feel than it has during daylight hours. Our electricians are pleased to help you create the right landscape lighting design for your property.

Designing Your Landscape Lighting

Though our electricians from Mr. Electric can help with your landscape lighting, the design of it is ultimately up to you. With that in mind, there are a few things you should do before calling us in to help.

First, you should take a walk during the day and a walk at night to look for aspects of your property you will want to focus on. They don’t have to be trees or shrubs or an area of tropical flowers; a meandering fieldstone walkway, your outdoor kitchen, and your fountain or pool can all be lit up as well. Of course, if there’s a 300-year-old live oak draped with Spanish moss or a beautiful royal palm, or if one side of your house is smothered in bougainvillea, don’t hesitate to use that as a focal point as well.

After you’ve taken a walk around the area, make a drawing of it, and make sure to highlight all those points of interest. Add the height and length of any plantings or hardscaping to the sketch. The next step is where we at Mr. Electric come in because we can suggest the best lighting fixtures for your landscape. These fixtures include:

  • Accent lights and spotlights
  • Path lights
  • Wall wash lights
  • In-ground lights

You can also consider hardscape light fixtures that can be placed on walls, pergolas, columns, ledges, or handrails. If you have a pond or a pool, submersible lights might also be considered. After all this, we’ll help you with your final layout, space the lighting, run the wires, and install the power sources.

Call Mr. Electric for Landscape Lighting

Known for its proximity to the Gulf of Mexico, its vibrant downtown, and its Super Bowl championship football team, Tampa, Florida is an amazing place to live. To make your property even more amazing with vibrant landscape lighting, don’t hesitate to contact our electricians at Mr. Electric.

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