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Why LED Lighting Should Be Considered for Your Commercial Facility

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The lighting industry has come a long way over the years. If you’re building a commercial facility in Tampa or are planning on making changes to an existing one, you should consider putting in LED lighting. LEDs, or “light-emitting diodes,” come with many benefits. Several of those benefits will be described below.

Long Lifespan

Incandescent bulbs, which used to be very commonly found in commercial settings, can last around 1,000 hours, on average. This may seem pretty good, except when you compare that to the average lifespan of an LED, which is estimated to be 50,000 hours. It could even be as high as 100,000 hours. Clearly, LEDs have a huge advantage in this department. This means you can save some money not having to frequently replace your lights.


LEDs are very efficient, and this will also save your business money in the long run. While it’s difficult to give you an exact number of how much energy you’ll save by using LED lights versus incandescent ones, we can tell you that many customers see well more than a 50% improvement in overall energy efficiency. It could be much higher, and that’s because nearly all of the energy that goes into the diode is used to make light. In other words, there is hardly any energy that’s wasted in these types of lights.


Some lights, such as fluorescent lights, have mercury in them. This is perfectly fine when they’re in operation, but they need to be disposed of in a special manner. LED lights aren’t made with mercury or other materials that require special handling, so you can dispose of them easily when the time comes.

Don’t Produce Heat

LEDs don’t emit a ton of heat as some other lightbulbs can. They’re safe to touch, even after they’ve been on for a while, and they hardly add heat to the environment. This makes them ideal for offices, industrial locations, and other facilities that want to keep people and/or products at a comfortable temperature. As we all know, it’s hot enough as it is in Tampa, and we don’t need to increase the temperature more.

Flexible Design

Since LEDs are small, about the size of a single fleck of pepper, they can be used in a variety of settings. Of course, it’s rare to see a single LED light on something, other than perhaps an indicator switch on a circuit board. LEDs can be put together in many different combinations, so you can use them in anything from a small cabinet to a large warehouse. If you’d like to create some visual interest for customers at your place of business, that can easily happen as well.

There are so many reasons why LEDs are the lights of the future. They are ideal for commercial facilities, and if you’d like assistance with the installation of your new LED lights, the team at Mr. Electric is ready to step in. Contact us to schedule an appointment.

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