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To most homeowners’ surprise. Ceiling fans are not used to change the temperature of the air. They are actually great electrical appliances that help balance the air quality, and with a number of shapes, sizes, and styles. There is sure to be one perfect for your home! Call Mr. Electric now (813) 359-1944 to speak with a professional about a Ceiling Fan Installation in Carrollwood, Fl. With over 25 years of experience serving the community, you can rest assured we will be able to help you find the best fit Ceiling Fan. Don’t let the stress of variety prevent you from creating your dream home. Call now! (813) 359-1944 and learn why Mr. Electric has been the go to company for Ceiling Fan Installation in Carrollwood, Fl. We offer 24/7 emergency service with same day appointments. So there is never a better time to call when you are experiencing trouble with your ceiling fan. Or if you are ready for you Ceiling Fan Installation in Carrollwood, Fl. Call now! (813) 359-1944

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The Benefits Of Ceiling Fans

Ceiling Fan Installation in Carrollwood, Fl is not uncommon, and while you might think that having an electric fan running would add to your utility bills, the result is the exact opposite. By balancing the air temperature throughout each room, you will use both your furnace and your air conditioner less. This can mean a savings of as much as 40% on your cooling bill and up to 10% on your winter heating cost.

So now your only question is why you have not taken advantage of these benefits for years? And the answer that most homeowners come up with is that they do not want to tackle the installation process. But that is easily solved with a call to (813) 359-1944. A licensed electrician from Mr. Electric can have your ceiling fan installation in Carrollwood, Fl completed in just a few hours. And all you need to do is get ready to enjoy the added comfort and savings that a new ceiling fan will provide.

How Ceiling Fan Installation Works

When you hire Mr. Electric to install your new ceiling fans, we do all of the work for you. Just set the appointment and welcome out electrician into your home, and get ready to enjoy your new fan.

Most older homes are not ceiling fan ready. This means that there is no electrical box or support structure in the ceiling. If that is the situation in your home, never fear, our pros install this equipment every day. We will add the necessary wiring, electrical box, and support and then install the fan. This also includes adding any light kit that you might have selected.

Once the fan is installed, out pros test the fan, any added lighting, and the remote for the fan to be sure that everything is working correctly. The next step is to check the balance of the fan. If a fan is out of balance, it will wobble. This is especially annoying if you have a lighting fixture attached that casts an odd shadow. But more importantly, a fan that is out of balance will cause excessive wear to the rotation assembly. Small weights are included in most fan kits to balance the blades and eliminate any odd rotation issues. And finally, our team will remove any packaging and hand over your new ceiling fan remote control.

Choosing The Perfect Ceiling Fan

While the pros from Mr. Electric do all of the challenging work, you do have one crucial task to take care of. That is the selection of your new ceiling fan. And there is a little bit more to this process than just selecting the color and style that you like.

The size of your room will determine the proper size for your new fan. Each fan is rated to move a specific amount of air to provide maximum circulation and comfort. Picking a fan that is too small will result in insufficient airflow to help cool or warm the room. And a fan that is too big will make the room feel as if it is experiencing a tornado.

The following list will help you select the fan that best fits your room and will provide you with maximum comfort.

30” fan for 50 square feet or less

36” fan for 50 to 100 square feet

42” fan for 100 to 200 square feet

52” fan for 200 to 400 square feet

It is also important to note that most ceiling fan manufacturers recommend installing the fan between 8 and 10 feet above the floor for optimum airflow. Various rods can be purchased to install your new fan at the proper height.

When you want to enjoy added comfort and lower utility bills but not the hassle of installing a ceiling fan, call the pros at (813) 359-1944. Mr. Electric has been installing fans in the Carrollwood, Fl area for over 25 years and will be happy to add you to the list of our completely satisfied customers.

Call us today at (813) 359-1944 to schedule an estimate & to learn more about Ceiling Fan Installation in Carrollwood, Fl!


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