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Do your lights flicker on a regular basis? Or shut off or dim every time you try and use any major electrical appliance? How often do you have to fidget with your circuit breaker before it’s too late? While these may all be tolerable symptoms. They are more than likely also posing a threat to your home by way of a fire hazard. Call (813) 359-1944 now to have a professional help determine the severity and offer solutions for your Circuit Breaker Replacement in Carrollwood, Fl. We at Mr. Electric are a full service Electrician company with over 25 years servicing the community. With same day service, and a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Our licensed professionals are sure to earn your trust, and business by providing the best Circuit Breaker Replacement in Carrollwood, Fl. Don’t wait another day, call (813) 359-1944 now and rest assured Mr. Electric has your home’s electrical health and longevity in mind! Call now! (813) 359-1944

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Signs Of A Bad Circuit Breaker

It is almost impossible for all of the circuit breakers in your home to fail at the same time, and leave you with no electricity in your Carrollwood, Fl home. It is far more common for one or maybe two circuit breakers to begin giving you trouble. But the only way that you will be alerted to the problem is if you are aware of the indications of a bad circuit breaker. Some of the most common signs include:

  • Lights that flicker on a regular basis
  • Lights that dim for a few seconds then coming back to full brightness
  • Lights dimming for a brief period if you turn on a high demand electrical
  • Random and unexplainable power failures
  • You electric clothes dryer unexplainably does not produce heat
  • Circuit breakers that you cannot reset
  • Circuit breakers tripping frequently
  • Circuit breakers that will not remain in the on or off position
  • Circuit breakers that feel loose in the panel, rattle, or can easily be pulled out
  • Any time you hear a buzzing, or humming, crackling sound coming from your panel
  • A burnt odor coming from the circuit breaker panel
  • Breakers or electrical box that are warm or hot to the touch

If you notice any of these issues, there is a serious problem with your Carrollwood, Fl home’s electrical service, which you should consider to be a safety hazard. Never risk your safety or the safety of your home, call (813) 359-1944 immediately. A licensed electrician from Mr. Electric will arrive quickly to access the function and safety of your home’s circuit breakers and entire electrical system.

The Job Of A Circuit Breaker

Circuit breakers are a safety feature that is built into your Carrollwood, Fl home’s electrical system. These breakers only trip when there is too much power running through it. By tripping, the breaker eliminates the power overload, which can melt the wiring and insulation covering the wire. If the breaker was not installed correctly or failed to function correctly, the power overload could result in an electrical fire inside your home. Any time you discover an issue with any of the circuit breakers in your home, you should call (813) 359-1944 immediately.

Old Or Damaged Circuit Breakers

Circuit Breaker Replacement in Carrollwood, Fl is not uncommon. Because of the vital safety feature that circuit breakers provide, it is critical that they be in good working order at all times. If you notice a breaker that is darkened by scorch marks or looks as if it is melted, it needs to be replaced immediately. These marks indicate that there has been a power surge that has damaged the breaker.

Professional electricians recommend that every home undergo a complete electrical inspection every ten years. During this process, your electrician will inspect all of your home’s breakers and report any issues, including damaged or old breakers. Replacing any loose breaker or one that can easily be removed from the electrical panel is the best way to avoid an electrical fire in your home.

Working on electrical breakers and electrical panels is not a job for a homeowner or a handyman. Only a highly trained professional electrician should perform these dangerous services. So if you notice any of the signs of a failing, damaged, or worn-out circuit breaker in your home, call (813) 359-1944 to schedule an appointment with a licensed Mr. Electric professional. Let us earn your trust and business by providing you with the best Circuit Breaker Replacement in Carrollwood, Fl!

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