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6 Practical Tips for Lowering Your Electric Bill During Winter

As the months get colder, your energy bills tend to rise. Heating can be more expensive than air conditioning, and you're usually home more in the winter. Shorter days and longer nights paired with the holiday season are just a few reasons for a higher electric bill. You can save money on your electric bill this winter in multiple ways.

1. Weatherstrip Your Doors and Windows

Doors and windows may allow heat to leak out of your house, but new weatherstripping can help. Sealing your windows and doors can cut down on drafts during the winter months. Along with weatherstripping, door sweeps and draft stoppers will protect your residence during the cold months.

2. Close the Damper When Not Using the Fireplace

A fire in your fireplace can be cozy on a winter night. Remember to close the damper, or heat could escape when the fireplace isn't in use. A more efficient fireplace could help keep your home comfortable and lower your electric bill. Switching to a gas fireplace and a glass screen allows you to feel comfortable without losing heat through the chimney.

3. Unplug or Power Down Electronics

Your family probably uses electronics and appliances all the time that require charging. Unplug small appliances and electronics when not using them to prevent overcharging the devices. Electronics you can unplug include televisions, microwaves, and video game consoles. An easy way to lower your electric bill is to power down electronics when not in use. An example is allowing a computer to run instead of powering it down or putting it in sleep mode.

4. Turn Off or Replace the Lights

Make sure to turn off the lights when no one is occupying the room or leaving the house. Utilize the plentiful sunlight during the day in Tampa, FL. Our electricians can retrofit your lighting to help reduce your electric bill. Switching out incandescent bulbs for energy-efficient ones can use much less energy. ENERGY STAR light bulbs last roughly six times longer than traditional ones and use about 75% less energy.

5. Bundle Up

Turn down the thermostat for winter weather for an easy way to lower energy usage. Turning your thermostat down a few degrees for about eight hours can save up to 10% on your electric bill. You can wear a sweater or long sleeves instead of turning up the heat.

6. Get Outside More

One of the reasons that you use more energy in the winter is that you're usually home more. You're less likely to spend your time watching television when going out for a winter sport or activity. The less time your family is home, the fewer appliances will be using power.

As the holidays approach, households usually use more electricity for laundry, heating, and lighting. Keeping your windows and doors closed and replacing your air filter are easy ways to lower your electric bill. If you need circuit breaker replacements or upgrades to prepare for the winter, call us at Mr. Electric today.

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4 Ways to Improve Your Home’s Energy Efficiency

Paying the power bill might seem more stressful during the winter. That's because so many homes in Tampa have inefficient designs. It takes a lot of electricity to keep them warm throughout the season. However, there are a few things you can do to improve your home's efficiency.

Adjust Your Thermostat's Setting

Mr. Electric has always shown our clients how to set up their thermostats to be more efficient. A great deal of the monthly electric bill usually goes to pay for what we've spent on heating.

Lowering the thermostat by a couple degrees can cut your heating bill by up to 15%. Try to keep the house around 68 degrees during the winter to save as much electricity as possible. If you've kept it that low, you'll notice a major difference the next time your heating bill shows up.

Reseal Your Windows and Doors

Another reason why your heating bill is so high during the winter might be leaks. Most of the time, there are a few of them around the house, usually near doors and windows.

Sealing them would prevent air from escaping whenever you've turned on the furnace. If you eliminate the leaks, you won't have to spend money on electricity to heat the outdoors. Make sure you've applied caulk around all the doors and windows. That's typically all you need to stop them from leaking.

Unplug Electronics When They're Not in Use

Everything you've plugged into an outlet has a constant supply of electricity sent to it. Even turning off your devices doesn't entirely stop them from using electricity. That's why it's important to unplug things when they're not in use.

Always remember to disconnect electronics once you've finished using them. That's the only way you can totally prevent them from wasting electricity. Simply taking the plug out of the wall can reduce your electric bill by 5% or more. That may not sound like a huge difference, but every little bit counts.

Upgrade Your Home's Light Bulbs

When was the last time you upgraded the light bulbs in your house? If it's been a while, you should consider switching to LEDs. They're way more efficient than the typical light bulbs you've used in the past.

LEDs can produce up to 200 Lumens for every watt they consume. An incandescent bulb only produces 16 Lumens if you've given it the same amount of power. That's over 10 times more electricity for the same result.

Upgrading all the bulbs in your house is an easy way to improve your place's efficiency. You've never seen a reasonable electric bill until you've had one with LEDs in all the sockets.

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