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home automation hubWould you like the ability to operate your home’s appliances and features from anywhere in the world that offers an Internet connection? Think about all of the times when you are so busy that you forget to run the dishwasher, double-check that the oven is turned off, or close the window shades to keep your home cool. The solution to all of these issues, and many more is a home automation system. You can simply pull out your phone or tablet and push a button to operate any of the items that are connected to your home automation system.

But there can be a drawback. What if you don’t know anything about installing a home automation system or even which systems to consider? This is when Cheval, Fl homeowners turn to Mr. Electric, the leader in home automation installation. Who better to install your system than the company that maintains the entire electrical system in your home? We are not a new fledgling company that just sprung up to install home automation in Cheval, Fl. With over 25 years in business, we are the trusted contractor for all of your electrical needs, including home automation. Call us today at (813) 359-1944 and schedule an appointment to learn about all of the fantastic features that can be at your fingertips thanks to a home automation system.

Call us today at (813) 359-1944 to schedule an estimate or to inquire about smart home automation in Cheval, Fl.

What Can I Control With Home Automation?

Think of your home automation system as a remote control that will operate almost every device inside and outside your home. As long as the device can interface or communicate, with your home’s central hub, you can control it remotely. And in most cases, it is as simple as opening an app on your cellphone or tablet. Now you have the ability to “do” things at your home from anywhere in the world that offers Internet service.

Some of the most popular home automation features include access to:

  • Audio systems
  • Entertainment systems
  • Security systems
  • Interior lighting
  • Opening and closing blinds and curtains
  • Landscape and security lighting
  • Thermostats
  • Smart appliances such as a refrigerator, dishwasher, oven, water heater or garage door opener
  • Outdoor features such as your swimming pool cleaning system, spa, irrigation, and misting system

And while this might all sound like a great convenience, some very real benefits can save you time and money. For example, during the holidays, you never need to wait for a package to be delivered. You simply unlock the front door when the delivery person texts you that they are at your home. Then you watch on your security camera as the box is placed safely inside the door and away from porch pirates. Then lock the door from the app and continue on with your day. Another favorite feature is arriving home to a spa that is warmed up and ready for use after a particularly long hard day at work. Just a push of a button has the spa heating while you are still stuck in traffic. Finally, think about the storm season in Cheval, Fl. Potential power failure can cost you a lot of money in spoiled food in your freezer and refrigerator. But having a generator on your home automation system means that you never need to worry about a power outage again. You will receive a message from your home automation system, alerting you to the cutover from city power to your backup generator. You can then dial up your app and monitor your home, turn off unneeded appliances and equipment, and know that your home is safe, thanks to your view from the security cameras.

In short, with a home automation system, you never need to worry about an extended absence from your home. You can monitor and manage all of the functions of your home from anywhere in the world. Call (813) 359-1944 to learn more about how Mr. Electric can help you design and install the home automation system in Cheval, Fl. The system will take the stress and worry out of managing your home while you are traveling or throughout your everyday life.

Some Of The Many Systems Available

There are numerous smart home and home automation systems on the market. Knowing what your goals are for your system will help us to select the system that will best meet your needs. Or, if you are tech-savvy and would like to choose and purchase the equipment yourself, we would be happy to complete the installation process for you. Some of the top systems include:

  • Samsung SmartThings Hub
  • Wink Hub 2
  • Ring Alarm
  • Nest
  • Google Home
  • Ecobee
  • SimpliSafe
  • Amazon Echo
  • Adobe IOTA
  • Scout Alarm
  • Hubitat Elevation
  • Brilliant Control
  • SkyBell HD
  • Logitech Harmony Hub

What To Look For In A Home Automation System

As you begin to explore all of the options out there, be sure to keep these four essential features in mind:

  1. Remote Access- You want to be sure that the features that you include in your system will allow you to operate them remotely for maximum benefit and functionality from your system.
  2. Hands-Free Control- Voice-activated features are critical when you are at home and want to use your automation system while completing other tasks. You don’t want to stop prepping dinner to turn on the fireplace or turn off the sound system.
  3. Compatibility and Interconnectivity- Be sure that all of your new features and devices can play well together. Nothing is worse than discovering that one of your devices will not operate on the system that you have selected. Your Mr. Electric pro will be beneficial when you are evaluating specific brands and items for your home automation system. We have a great deal of experience in installing and integrating all of the latest technology. We can advise you on the best gear to purchase to create your perfect home automation system in Cheval, Fl.
  4. Energy Efficiency- Your home automation system is all about making your life easier. But you don’t want to double or triple your electric bill in the process. Make sure that all of the items you are selecting are energy efficient. Many will offer a power save mode when the device is not in use.

A home automation system might sound like just a fun feature. But these systems offer many features that will increase the functionality and safety of your home. And these benefits can be enjoyed when you are away or at home. To learn more about a professionally installed home automation system, call the company you have trusted for all of your electrical needs for over 25 years, Mr. Electric. We are a company you know you can trust for professionalism, quality workmanship, and excellent customer service. And now, we offer home automation in Cheval, Fl to help you get the most out of your home. Call (813) 359-1944 today and schedule an appointment to meet with an automation specialist in your home.

We have only just scratched the surface of some of the awesome things that home automation can do. By installing home automation in your Westchase Florida home you will be able to take advantage of smart door locks, security cameras, temperature control, lighting, & more! Contact Mr. Electric today to learn more about whole home automation or to schedule an estimate for smart home installation in Westchase, or any city in Hillsoborough County Fl!

If you’d like more information about upgrading your home to a smart home give us a call today! Dial (813) 359-1944 to schedule an estimate & to learn more about smart home automation installation in Cheval, Fl!


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