Electrician Citrus Park, Fl

Electrician Citrus Park, Fl

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When you discover a faulty outlet in your Citrus Park, Fl home or a light fixture that is making an odd buzzing noise, your mind always jumps to the worst-case scenario. You picture everyone in your home sleeping as a fire breaks out. And that mental image is enough to motivate you to begin searching for an electrical contractor. But as soon as you Google or start a web search, you find that there are a considerable number of choices. And you really need to include more criteria in your selection process. The first must is quality workmanship, but you also need to find a reliable company with great pricing, and hours will work with your busy schedule. Clearly, this search is not as simple as you initially thought or hoped. Knowing that you turn to your friends and neighbors for recommendations and quickly learn that everyone has only good things to say about Mr. Electric.

For over 25 years, we have been working to establish our reputation as the go-to electrician company in the Citrus Park, Fl. Our company was founded on the premise that being an active member of the community, providing the highest quality electrical service to our clients, and always focusing on customer satisfaction and safety would pay off for us in the long run. And it has elevated Mr. Electric to one of the most well know and often referred contractors in the industry.

Our customers appreciate that we offer 24/7 emergency service, full service estimates, a warranty on all of our work, very reasonable pricing, and all of our technicians are licensed, bonded, and insured. Also, when you call (813) 359-1944, you will always speak to a company employee. This representative will answer your questions, schedule your service, and help to calm your worries about any electrical issue. Call us when you need an Electrician in your Citrus Park, Fl home and allow us to impress you with the way that we do business.

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Troubleshooting Your Electrical Issue

Electricity is a necessity in today’s homes. Our ability to cook, safely store food, heat our homes, and use technology all depends on reliable electrical service. So when you are facing any issue with even a small part of your home’s electrical system, it is a big deal. And it has an impact on all aspects of your life. Knowing this information, we focus on providing you with the answers that you need very quickly.

Our licensed electrician of Citrus Park, Fl will arrive promptly for your appointment and begin the troubleshooting process to locate the cause of your problem. With years of training, education, and experience, the Mr. Electric team is by far the best at assessing your electrical wiring and components and getting to the source of your problem quickly and carefully. We know that one wrong move or missed step in the process can create the potential for an injury, house fire, or damage to the electrical items in your home.

With the problem diagnosed, you will receive a written estimate for the repairs that our pro is recommending. And in most cases, you will have a few options for repairing or replacing the damaged or faulty item. We provide you with multiple estimates so that you have a variety of choices and can select the one that best meets your needs and your budget. And regardless of the option that you choose, you will know that the full Mr. Electric warranty covers all of the parts and labor for 25 months.

Mr. Electric Is A Full-Service Company

You might be wondering what we mean when we refer to ourselves as a full-service company. And the short answer is that we can and do offer new installations as well as additions, renovations, upgrades, and repairs to existing residential electrical service. Some of our most requested services include:

GFCI Outlet Installation- GFCI outlets are the ones that have the tiny red reset button on them. These are the outlets that should be installed anywhere that could become moist such as your kitchen, bathroom, garage, basement, or attic. In wet conditions, a GFCI outlet will trip and prevent a life-threatening shock or a surge that could damage your appliances or electronics. Not all older homes have these safety outlets. But many smart homeowners see the value in upgrading to this safer option.

Exhaust Fan Installation- Most older homes were not built with exhaust fans. But they also did not include central air. So when there was moisture or condensation in a kitchen or bathroom, it was eliminated by opening a window. However, today, most homeowners prefer to install an exhaust fan to remove the moisture that can promote the growth of mold and mildew. These fans are also very helpful in regulating humidity to protect the finish on cabinetry and wood flooring.

Call on the team here at Mr. Electric at (813) 359-1944 to schedule your estimate for electrical service in Citrus Park, Fl today!

Home Rewiring

There have been many improvements and changes over the last few decades in the manner that homes are wired. The industry standard recommendation is to have any home that is over 40 years old rewired. This update will eliminate all of the aluminum wire and components that do not meet the current building code. If your home is over 40, or you believe that there are issues related to the age of the wiring or the type of wire, call (813) 359-1944 to request an estimate to rewire your home. Rewiring will eliminate many of the fire hazards and safety hazards that can are in older homes.

You should also begin thinking about rewiring your home if there has been extensive water damage, the lights flicker, there is a buzzing sound coming from outlets or the electrical panel, or a burnt smell. All of these are warning signs of significant issues with your home’s wiring and electrical service. Never risk your safety or the safety of your home when these indicators are present. Call (813) 359-1944 immediately to schedule a professional electrical inspection. A Mr. Electric licensed electrician of Citrus Park, Fl will assess your home and provide you with an estimate for any work that is needed to ensure your safety.


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    Dean from Mr. Electric did a fantastic job on installing wires, lights and fans for us. They explained everything so well and the price was great. Dean is so respectful and on time. They cleaned after they were finished and did an amazing job. Very professional and so nice! Highly recommended this company and Dean.

    Phylica Doty

    I worked with Austin and Dean and they did great job installing recessed lights in my house and lights in my garage. They were very professional and cleaned up areas they worked. They explained in full detail what they will do and provided instructions. The overall price of the project was reasonable and within our budget. Highly recommended and we would definitely work with this company again.

    Jose Romero

    Mr. Electric Lutz was super knowledgeable and friendly. They explained pricing very clearly, no gimmicks. Highly recommend this company to anyone.

    Kuvira S.

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