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Do your lights flicker occasionally? Do they seem to dim at random, or when a major appliance gets turned on? Any odors that something is burning? Well then you need to call now and schedule an Electrical Rewiring in Citrus Park, Fl. (813) 359-1944 Not only is it inconvenient to have a malfunctioning electrical system, it can also cost you money. Or worse, having an out of date electrical wire job could increase your risk of an electrical fire. So before you wait any longer call use at Mr. Electric. With over 25 years of experience our Electricians are standing by ready to take on any job. We offer 24/7 emergency service so there truly is not better time to call. Let us earn your trust and business by providing you with the best Electrical Rewiring in Citrus Park, Fl. (813) 359-1944

Remodeling, Renovations, And Rewiring

There is no better time to rewire your home than during a remodeling or renovation project. With the majority of your home’s wiring located inside walls, floors, and ceilings, it only makes sense to add rewiring to a significant construction project in your Mr. Electric home. Not only will you be able to increase the safety of your home by replacing outdated wiring, but this is also the perfect time to add outlets to improve the functionality throughout your home. And all you need to do is call (813) 359-1944 to get the process started. An Mr. Electric licensed electrician will visit your home and provide you with a free, no-obligation price quote to add electrical rewiring to the scope of your construction project.

Call us today at (813) 359-1944 to schedule an estimate or to inquire about our electrical rewiring service in Citrus Park, FL.

How To Know When It Is Time To Rewire Your Mr. Electric Home

Electrical Rewiring in Citrus Park, Fl is not uncommon. It is always much more efficient and cost-effective to add an electrical rewiring project to the scope of a remodel or renovation. But if you are not planning to do any major projects in your home, you might be wondering how to know when you should undertake electrical rewiring. And the answer is often based on the age of your home. Any house that was built more than 50 years ago is sure to have outdated wiring.

You can also examine the electrical outlets in your home to estimate the age of the wiring. Outlets with only two prongs have no ground wire, which is standard in today’s building code. Also, if your home does not have GFCI outlets in areas prone to moisture, like the kitchen and bathroom, it is safe to assume that it is time to rewire.

With all of the high electrical demand appliances and electronics in today’s homes, it is very easy to exceed the load that old wiring was designed to handle. Upgrading to current building code standards will substantially reduce the chances of an electrical fire due to a short, overload, or power surge. And it will also ensure that your expensive electronics and electrical appliances are not damaged due to insufficient electricity or other issues related to outdated wiring.

Signs That It Is Time To Rewire

You might think that your home’s wiring is in good condition because when you plug something into an outlet, it works. But that is not always true. There are several indications that you might be overlooking. Some of the most common signs of old electrical wiring include:

  • Lights that flicker often
  • Electrical outlets with only two prongs
  • No GFCI outlets in moist areas of your home
  • Lights that dim when appliances turn on
  • An electrical panel with fuses instead of breakers
  • Breakers that trip frequently, are hard to reset, or will not reset
  • Humming, popping, or crackling sounds coming from outlets
  • Outlets that smell of smoke

If you have noticed any of these signs that your electrical wiring needs to be replaced, don’t wait another minute to call (813) 359-1944. An Mr. Electric team member is always ready to take your call and assist you with setting an appointment or dispatching a licensed electrician for an emergency service call.

Old electrical wiring could be placing your loved ones and your home at risk. Electrical fires cause millions of dollars in damage to homes across the country every year. Please don’t make the mistake of thinking that flickering lights or buzzing outlets are nothing to worry about. Call the professionals at Mr. Electric and let us make sure that your electrical wiring is safe.

For over 25 years, the residents of Mr. Electric has been entrusting the licensed electricians from Mr. Electric with their safety. As trusted members of the community, we have worked hard to earn the trust and respect of our customers. From our free, no-obligation estimates for electrical rewiring and other services to our full warranty, we pledge to provide top quality workmanship and customer service to each of our valued customers. Just call (813) 359-1944, and know that we will make sure that Electrical Rewiring in Citrus Park, Fl is the best option for you.

Call us today at (813) 359-1944 to schedule your estimate & to learn more about electrical rewiring service in Citrus Park, Fl!


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    Dean from Mr. Electric did a fantastic job on installing wires, lights and fans for us. They explained everything so well and the price was great. Dean is so respectful and on time. They cleaned after they were finished and did an amazing job. Very professional and so nice! Highly recommended this company and Dean.

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    I worked with Austin and Dean and they did great job installing recessed lights in my house and lights in my garage. They were very professional and cleaned up areas they worked. They explained in full detail what they will do and provided instructions. The overall price of the project was reasonable and within our budget. Highly recommended and we would definitely work with this company again.

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