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Do you feel like each day you are discovering a new electrical issue in your Northdale, Fl home?

Do your lights constantly flicker or dim when you turn on a major appliance?

And do you make regular trips to your electrical panel because of tripped breakers?

If you are experiencing these issues or have other electrical problems throughout your home, then it is time to call in the professionals at Mr. Electric. All of these issues are indications that there is a problem with your home’s electrical panel. And left unrepaired, the problem will only get worse. But a single call to (813) 359-1944 is all you need to do to eliminate these annoying and unsafe electrical problems in your home. Our licensed electricians are available 24/7, so you never need to worry about complications like an electrical fire or shock hazard in your home.

Electrical Panel Repair in Northdale, Fl is not uncommon. As a full-service electrical contractor, our team is qualified to make any repair that you might need related to your electrical panel or any component in your Northdale, Fl home’s electrical system. Once our pros locate the issue, you will receive a complete explanation of the problem and also our recommendation for the necessary repairs. And regardless of the size of the repair, we always provide you with a complete price quote so that there are no unpleasant financial surprises. Our goal is always to make sure that your home is safe from electrical hazards and to work within your household’s budget.

Call us today at (813) 359-1944 to schedule an estimate or to inquire about our electrical panel replacement in Northdale, Fl.

What Is An Electrical Panel?

All of the electricity that you use in your home enters from a single power line and immediately goes into your electrical panel. This panel is where the power is separated into different circuits that service the various areas in your home. There are also specific circuits dedicated to your larger appliances such as your air conditioner, furnace, clothes washer and dryer, and your kitchen appliances. Each of these circuits has a breaker that will trip when there is an overload or a power surge. These devices are safety features to protect your home and appliances and to help prevent an electrical fire.

When there is a problem with your electrical panel, you might notice issues throughout your home. Or the problems could be centralized in just a single circuit. But what is critical to remember is that only a licensed electrician should be trusted to diagnose and repair any electrical issue that involves an electrical panel. At Mr. Electric, our professionals have years of hands-on experience diagnosing electrical problems and fixing them. And those years of work only come after completing the Northdale, Fl requirements to become a licensed electrician. So please, never risk your safety or the safety of your home trying to correct an electrical panel repair in your Northdale, Fl home. Any time you find the following signs of an electrical panel issue, call in the pros. And rest assured that we will locate the problem quickly and provide you with cost-effective solutions to fix your panel.

 Common Signs Of An Electrical Panel Issue

  • Flickering lights
  • Lights that dim when a major appliance turns on
  • Light bulbs or fixtures that burn out frequently
  • Breakers that trip frequently
  • Breakers that are difficult to reset
  • Breakers that are impossible to reset
  • When you discover that your electrical panel box is warm or hot
  • When you hear a crackling, popping or humming coming from your panel box
  • When your electrical box smells burnt
  • When there are scorch marks or burnt areas on your electrical panel or box
  • When you notice humming near an outlet
  • When you see sparks coming from an outlet

Please remember that only a trained and experienced pro should be entrusted to repair your home’s electrical panel. It is never safe for you to ignore the signs of an electrical panel issue or to try to find a cheap or fast way to work around the problem. You could be risking your safety and the safety of your loved ones.

Why You Need A Professional Electrician

Almost every piece of your home’s electrical system is concealed inside the walls, floors, and ceilings of your home. The wires run to each room but you cannot see them to know their condition or to verify that they are functioning correctly. The only way that you know that the wiring and other critical parts of your home’s electrical system are working correctly and not posing a safety risk is by trusting your electrician’s evaluation. And only a licensed electrician has the knowledge and skill to provide you with this critical information.

Without a properly functioning electrical panel, there is an increased risk of an electrical fire or life-threatening electrical shock hazard throughout your home. But all of that risk can be eliminated when you hire a licensed electrician to evaluate your electrical panel and make the necessary repairs. And in return for your loyalty, Mr. Electric always provides each customer with a full warranty on all of the work that we do. You will always know that all the work was done to code, and you will not need to worry about issues in the future.

Electrical panel issues should never be ignored because of their potential to injury your loved ones and destroy your home. So when you notice any of the warning signs that an electrical panel repair in Northdale, Fl is needed, call the pros at Mr. Electric. We have a team licensed pros waiting to take your call to (813) 359-1944 24/7 and respond immediately to repair your electric panel. Let us earn your trust and your business by providing you with the best and most comprehensive Electrical Panel Repair in all Northdale, Fl!

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