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Are you looking to add additional outlets to your home or business in Lutz, Florida? If so, the team here at Mr. Electric can help! Our team of local electricians specializes in fast and affordable GFCI outlet installation in Lutz. With a same day estimate and our customer satisfaction guarantee, it’s easy to see why more homeowners choose Mr. Electric than any other electrical service company in Hillsborough County.

Mr. Electric has worked hard to earn our reputation as Lutz’s 1st choice for high-quality residential and commercial electrical service. Our team of hard-working, dedicated, and highly-trained electricians work day in and day out to resolve the electrical issues our customers are facing. It is this customer-first approach that has earned us our 4.9 star rating on Google!

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GFCI stands for Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter. GFCIs work to ensure that any short or overload of electric current get’s interrupted to prevent electrical shock and reduce the risk of electrical fire. GFCIs are so advanced that they can even prevent electrical shock if an electric current comes into contact with water. Required for all new construction, GFCIs are an important safety upgrade for any older-home currently without them. Law requires that GFCI outlets be placed in kitchens, bathrooms, near sinks, in garages, and on all outdoor outlets. Essentially, they are required in any outlets that have a high possibility of coming into contact with water.


If your home or business has GFCI receptacles that frequently trip, you should schedule an appointment with a licensed electrician immediately. This is for your safety and for the safety of your friends, family, & customers alike. When the GFCI trips it is a sure-fire sign that more serious electrial issues are afoot. Shorts of other issues with GFCI’s can lead to loss of life and property due to the high fire hazard they represent. During hurricanes or other severe weather, GFCI breakers can save lives. They will immediately interrupt the flow of electricity in your property reducing the risk of catastrophe.

In short, if your home or business is sufferring from constantly tripping GFCI receptacles, schedule a call with a licensed electrician as soon as possible.


Electricity is out of sight and out of mind for most home and business owners until they are without it. This means that many property owners can find it fairly difficult to tell when they are in need of outlet replacement. Below we have outlined some of the most common cases and signs that it may be time to call on a qualified electrician for an outlet installation in your Lutz home.

Common Signs Your Outlets Need Replacement Include:

The Outlet Stops Working

Althought this may seem obvious, the number of times improperly functioning outlets are overlooked is scary. If you have outlets in your home that are no longer successfully powering your electronics, it is high time to think about replacement.

Charred/Burned or Melted Outlets

Form time to time it is a good idea to examine your property’s outlet faceplates for blemishes. If you notice dark burn makrs, discoloration, or melting around the outlets or walls, this should serve as a red flag. Burn makes and melted faceplates are key indicators of short-circuiting and sparking coming from the outlet. Sparking outlets a top cause of residential electrical fires in the US.

Loose Outlets

Do the plugs seem to fall out of or fit very loosely within the outlets in your home or business? It may seem like a small inconvenience but it is actually a clear indication of wear and tear that should not be overlooked. Loose and worn out outlets are a leading cause of sparking and electrical arcing.

Outlet That are Warm or Hot to the Touch

Just like their loose counterparts, outlets that are warm to the touch also idicate wear and tear that should not be ignored. They can also be a sign of damaged or improperly installed wiring. Any faulty wiring or incorrectly installed receptacles have the potential to cause an electrical fire.

The Smell Smoke 

Trust your nose – if you see or smell smoke coming from an outlet in your home, call an electrician right away!

Your Outlets Are Not Grounded

If you have outlets in your home with only 2 prongs or holes, they are ungrounded and need to be updated. These old outdated outlets are not safe and should be replaced with a grounded three-prong outlet immediately.


If your home or business needs new GFCI receptacles or breakers installed or examined, one call to the expert electricians at Mr. Electric is all it takes. We can ensure that your propoerty is successfully brought up to code and reduce the risk of catastrophic electrtical damage. Our stance has always been that proper prevention is the key to safety. With over 23 years in business, Mr. Electric is the go-to electrician in Lutz for a reason. Call today to find out why more home and business owners choose Mr. Electric for their GFCI outlet installation in Lutz than any other company!


At Mr. Electric of Lutz, our electricians are state-licensed, highly-trained, and extremely experienced in all types of electric repair, service, and installations. Given the vital nature and specialized tools required to properly diagnose and repair an electric panel, you should never attempt any repairs to your home or businesses electrical panel yourself. Aside from the many safety concerns, it can be extremely difficult to distinguish one connection from another. Our Lutz based electricians can ensure that everything is functioning as it should be, in the right configuration, so that you cease to experience electrical issues after we’re done with our service. Our local electricians serving Hillsborough County can be reached day or night at (813) 359-1944. Do not hesitate to give us a ring today to schedule an estimate for an electrical panel repair or replacement.

Call us today at (813) 359-1944 to schedule an estimate & to learn more about GFCI outlet & receptacle installation in Lutz.


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