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Did you know ceiling fans are not just used to change the air temperature but actually the air quality? Did you know there are different sized fans for different sized rooms? Give Mr. Electric a call now at (813) 359-1944 to speak with a professional about a Ceiling Fan Installation in Odessa, Fl. Not only will our techs be able to answer any questions you might have but they will also work to help you find the perfect fan for you! We are available 24/7 to take your call and will arrive quickly and promptly to provide up front and honest pricing for any ceiling fan. Don’t delay this could be the cherry on the cake to your dream home! (813) 359-1944 A quick call is all you’ll need to learn why Mr. Electric has been the go to Electrician for Ceiling Fan Installation in Odessa, Fl for over 25 years!

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The Benefits Of A Ceiling Fan

Most homeowners decide to install ceiling fans to increase their comfort. Some will say that they want a fan to help cool their home in the summer. And while a ceiling fan will make your living space feel cooler in the summer, it does not actually cool the room. What a ceiling fan does is increase the air movement.

In the summertime, a ceiling fan should rotate in a counterclockwise direction. This rotation helps to draw the warmer air up to the ceiling, leaving the cooler air down where you are sitting. You feel cooler only because the warm air is being pulled away from you.

In the wintertime, you want to feel warm and cozy in your home. Now, the ceiling fan should be rotating clockwise to help push the rising warm air back down to the lower portion of the room. You will feel warmer even with the breeze generated by the fan.

While comfort is the primary reason for ceiling fan installation in Odessa, Fl, there is also a financial benefit. When a fan is used to help you feel cooler, there is less of a tenancy to turn down the thermostat in the summertime. On average, homeowners who use ceiling fans will reduce their summer cooling bills by a whopping 40%! And when used in the winter months, a ceiling fan will provide a 10% savings on heating costs. To take advantage of this added comfort and savings, call the Mr. Electric pros at (813) 359-1944 to install your new ceiling fans.

Installing A Ceiling Fan

Many homeowners think that installing a ceiling fan is a straightforward process that anyone can complete. But they quickly abandon those thoughts and call in the pros from Mr. Electric after falling from the ladder or suffering an electrical shock. But let us give you a quick rundown of what we do when we arrive to install your new ceiling fan.

If your home is ceiling fan ready, there will already be an electrical box in the ceiling to wire and install the fan. Once we turn off the power to that electrical run, we can open the box, wire in the new fan, and begin the mounting process. All fans mount in the same manner and should have all of the necessary hardware included in the kit. If you have a lighting kit with your fan, we also install that for you.

With the fan installed and wired, we turn the power back on, test the unit, and rebalance the fan if necessary. Most fans also come with a remote that we will test and then hand off to you for easy operation of your new fan. The final step for ceiling fan installation in Odessa, Fl is the cleanup. This is an important step and one that we pride ourselves on doing very well. We leave your home in the same perfect condition that it was in when we arrived. All of the trash and boxes are removed, and everything is back in place, so all you need to do it sit down and enjoy your fan.

If your home is not ceiling fan ready, the process will take just a little bit longer. We will install an electrical box in the ceiling and the brace that will safely support your new ceiling fan’s weight before following the steps outlined above.

Selecting Your Ceiling Fan

When you are shopping or a new ceiling fan, you should remember that size matters. The following chart will help you select the correct size ceiling fan for every room in your home.

30″ fan for 50 square feet or less

36″ fan for 50 to 100 square feet

42″ fan for 100 to 200 square feet

52″ fan for 200 to 400 square feet

When you wanted added comfort in your home, you should not have to risk your health and safety, climbing a ladder and handling electrical wiring. Instead, make the smart choice and call (813) 359-1944 to schedule an appointment with a licensed Mr. Electric electrician. Our pro will have your ceiling fan installed quickly and correctly at a time that works into your busy schedule. And once the job is finished, you will have the complete Mr. Electric warranty and 100% customer satisfaction guarantee standing behind all of our work. If you have any questions or concerns, just call us at (813) 359-1944, and we will get you taken care of as quickly as possible.  

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