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Electrical Heavy Upgrade in Tampa, Fl


When your electrician tells you that the solution to your home’s problem is an Electrical heavy upgrade Tampa, Fl, you are likely to be very confused. Most people have no idea what this jargon or electrian’s slang terminology means. But it does sound expensive and impressive. However, when you work with the pros at Mr. Electric, you never need to worry about our electricians using technical terms and words to confuse or mislead you. Instead, we will explain the problem in simple terms. And we will offer you repair or resolution options that are equally easy to grasp.

What Is A Heavy Up or Heavy Upgrade?

An Electrical Heavy Upgrade in Tampa, Fl is not uncommon. Older home’s electrical service and systems were designed to offer 60 amps. That was quite sufficient for the needs of the average household fifty or more years ago. But with the influx of electronics in the average household, that does not come close to meeting the demand of most homes. Currently, residential electrical service is closer to the 150 to 200 amp range in many cases.

If you have 60 amp service to your home, you are very likely to need an upgraded electrical panel to increase the amount of power coming into your home. The process of installing a larger electrical panel is called a heavy upgrade or heavy up. And once you know what the term is referring to, it makes sense. But if your electrician is throwing around words that are only common to other electrical industry professionals, it is unprofessional, rude, and often alarming.

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Signs That Your Home Needs An Electrical Heavy Upgrade

Even if everything in your home is functioning, what appears to be correctly, there can be some subtle signs of trouble. You could begin to notice that there are odd occurrences when too many electrical appliances or electronics are operating at one time. Simply put, you see that the circuits are overloaded because of the increased demand of household items. Some of the indications can include:

  • Lights that flicker often
  • Circuit breakers that trip frequently
  • Your electrical panel has fuses rather than breakers
  • Your electrical fuses blow regularly
  • Your lights dim when an electrical appliance turns on

Another Time To Consider An Electrical Heavy Up

When you decide it is time to renovate your older home, don’t forget to evaluate your electrical system. During a renovation or extensive remodel is the perfect time to call the pros at Mr. Electric for a heavy up. With the walls and floors open for the reno project, it only makes sense to take care of any upgrades needed to increase the power supplied to your home. It is both cost-effective and a great time saver. You should also speak to our licensed electrician about adding much needed additional outlets, installing GFCI outlets in moist areas to meet the current electrical code, and providing dedicated circuits for any expensive electronics or appliances.

The Benefits Of A Heavy Up

The most significant benefit of an electrical heavy upgrade in Tampa, Fl is increased safety for your loved ones and home. Though lights still turn on and the microwave is operational, they could quickly be overloading an outdated electrical system. When that happens, the potential for a devastating electrical fire increases dramatically. A professional electrical heavy upgrade is the best way to ensure that your loved ones and home are safe from potentially dangerous electrical overloads and fires.

Upgrading your electrical service is also a great way to protect your home’s expensive electronics and electrical appliances. When you add up all of the money you have invested in computers, audio and video equipment, appliances, and your HVAC system, the number becomes quite impressive. Protecting all of those devices by supplying ample power is just a wise choice and investment.

You will also eliminate lights dimming when the AC turns on, or the microwave is in use. And the potential of power surges and other damage to your electrical wiring and outlets will significantly decrease. Finally, the money you invest in a heavy up is sure to increase your property’s value should you decide to sell it in the near future. To learn more about an electrical heavy upgrade in Tampa, Fl for your home, call (813) 359-1944 to speak to an Mr. Electric professional.

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