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Electrical Rewiring in Tampa, Fl


Are your home’s lights dimming or flickering? Do you need to flip your light switches just right in order for them to provide power to your home? Or have you noticed that some outlets don’t hold a moderate charge when compared to another around the house? These are all signs that you need to call Mr. Electric and ask about Electrical Rewiring in Tampa, Fl. (813) 359-1944 Our technicians are licensed professionals, ready to take your call and be dispatched to your home. They will always arrive on time, in uniform, with a smile on their face! Mr. Electric Technicians will work diligently to ensure your 100% satisfaction! Waiting on a lack of power due to toleration of faulty wiring is never a good idea. Give the pros a call now to schedule an appointment!

When To Consider Rewiring Your Home

When it comes to Electrical Rewiring in Tampa, Fl, many homes in the Tampa, Fl area are still using the original wiring that was installed when the house was built. So the age of your home is likely to be the age of your electrical wiring. If your home was constructed in the 1960s or before, your wiring is definitely outdated. Even if you have been very fortunate and not experienced any issues related to your home’s outdated wiring, a call to the pros at Mr. Electric for an evaluation and price quote for rewiring is a smart idea.

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Other Signs Of Outdated Wiring

Most homeowners can stop and recall a few odd occurrences with their electrical appliances over the years. But when these issues become more frequent and commonplace, it is time to take action. The most common signs to watch for include:

  • Breakers that trip repeatedly
  • Lights that dim or flicker often
  • Lights that dim when a high electrical demand appliance turns on
  • Popping, crackling, or buzzing coming from outlets
  • Outlets with scorch marks or melted plastic
  • An electrical panel that uses fuses instead of breakers
  • Many worn-out or failed outlets
  • No GFCI outlets in your home
  • A burnt smell coming from outlets

Why Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters (GFCI) Outlet Are Important

Currently, the building code requires GFCI outlets in any area of your home that is subject to moisture. These are the outlets with the small buttons that are labeled “TEST” and “RESET.” The added feature or function of a GFCI outlet is to trip the internal “breaker” and prevent an electrical shock caused by moisture. This safety feature protects you and your loved ones, your electronics and electrical appliances, and your electrical panel. According to building code, these outlets must be located in kitchens, bathrooms, utility rooms, basements, garages, attics, and any other area of your home where there could be moisture, such as outdoor outlets. If your home has no GFCI outlets or only a few, it is safe to assume that your wiring predates the requirement of GFCIs. And should be evaluated by a licensed electrician from Mr. Electric.

The Benefits Of Rewiring Your Tampa, Fl Home

When it comes to Electrical Rewiring in Tampa, Fl, safety should always be every homeowner’s primary concern. Knowing that your loved ones are protected from the hazards of electrical shocks or a fire caused by old wiring is worth every penny that you invest in rewiring your home. But there are other benefits as well.

Older homes were built with only 60 amp electrical service. However, homes today are built with the capability of providing as high as a 200 amp service to meet the demands of massive air conditioning units and electric vehicles. If you are considering a heavy upgrade to your electrical panel to better meet your electrical needs, remember that your electrical wiring needs to also be replaced so that the increased power can be distributed throughout your home safely.

It can be very easy to overlook a few small issues like a flickering or dimming light or troublesome outlet. But it is essential to recognize these minor issues as signs of a more significant and more serious problem. The best way to be sure that the issue really is as insignificant as a faulty light fixture or plug is to call the pros at Mr. Electric at (813) 359-1944. A licensed electrician will evaluate your home’s wiring and determine if it is time to rewire. Let us at Mr. Electric earn your trust and business by providing you with the best Electrical Rewiring in Tampa, Fl!

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