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With more and more Floridians opting to trade in their gas guzzling cars for electric powered vehicles, the need for EV charging stations continues to rise. And while the City of Tampa has done much to encourage the switch from gas to electric cars with their installation of electric vehicle charging stations across the city, there is still a shortage of conveniently located charging stations available to the wider public. Private businesses such as hotels, shopping centers, and restaurants have even joined in on the initiative by having EV charging stations installed for their guests. And the surge in calls from Tampa homeowners inquiring about stations for their homes is a true sign of the times.

If you own or are thinking of purchasing an electric vehicle and want to know more about our residential EV station installation in Tampa, give us a call today! We can walk you through the energy demand, installation requirements, and make sure that your property is perfectly suited for your electric vehicle!

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From the reduced fuel cost to the smoothness of the ride and the good you are doing for the planet, purchasing an electric car has all sorts of benefits! The one major downside? Public charging stations with long waits or inconvenient locations. The solution? Having an electric vehicle charing station installed in your Tampa home!

Save time & money by having your very own EV charger installed in your home today! EV charging stations are becoming more affordable with each passing year. So purchasing the actual unit isn’t so intimidating anymore. The bigger issue that most homeowners face is the lack of power capacity to meet the charging stations needs. Since charging an electric car requires much more power than say, running appliances or lighting your home, you’ll need to hire an experienced electrician to perform your EV charging station installation. Tampa residents can rely on the services of the experienced team here at Mr. Electric to rewire, configure, and install the EV charging station that is right for their needs!


The first step with any electric vehicle charging station installation in Tampa is to determine the type of charger that best suits your needs. There are several options available with each varying slightly in up-front cost, and long-term benefits. Our team of professional EV charging station experts can walk you through the process to ensure you make the decision that is best for your home or business! Our licensed and insured electricians can install your car charging station in Tamapa, Town ‘N’ Country, Lutz, or any city in the greater Tampa Area!

  • Level 1 – The major difference between each type of EV charging option is going to be the speed at which the charge occurs. The first and least expensive option is an outlet for the standard wall plug that comes with electric cars. And like you may have guessed, being the least expensive option, this is also the slowest.
  • Level 2 – By and large the most common type of charging stating found in public, these chargers need to be wall mounted meaning that the installation cost is slightly higher, as it's more involved. The major advantage is that a Level 2 charger will power electric vehicles much faster than their Level 1 counterparts.
  • Level 3 – Designed primarily for commercial use, the Level 3 charger will have the highest upfront purchasing price, and slightly higher installation cost. The charging speed of these units is unmatched.


The cost of the installation of each type of charging station will vary based on the estimated time it will take to complete the install and the amount of work to be performed. Understanding the costs associated with a new EV charging station installation is a very important part of the decision making process. That is why we here at Mr. Electric are proud to provide estimates on all EV charging station installations in Tampa, and throughout our service areas in Florida!

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