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If you are experiencing frequently flipped breakers or loss of power there may be an issue with your home’s breaker panel. The breaker panel is a vitally important component of your home’s electrical system and should only be repaired by a licensed electrician. It should come as good news then that our team here at Mr. Electric is staffed exclusively with state licensed, highly-skilled, and friendly electricians. We provide fast, affordable, and reliable electrical panel repair in Tampa, and throughout all of Pasco & Hillsborough Counties in Florida.

Our service techs are experts when it comes to upgrading old & outdated panels. When you call on Mr. Electric to perform an electrical panel upgrade in your Tampa home, we will ensure that your home’s electricity needs are met safely and reliably.

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Serving as the main distribution point for all electricity that flows through your home, the “circuit breaker” or “circuit breaker panel” as it’s commonly called is vital to your home. It is comprised of several circuit breakers that are responsible for controlling the various areas of your home. Circuit breaker boxes are typically located in a closet, basement, or in the master bedroom of a home.

Electric panels intercept the electricity that flows into your home from the Tampa electric utility company. The panels then safely redistribute electric current to the various outlets in your home via the circuits located in the circuit breaker box.

Circuit breakers are a component of a circuit breaker panel. They serve one major function which is to immediately shut off the power whenever the electrical wiring in your home becomes packed with too much electric current. This is vital to electrical fire prevention.

Put into the simplest terms possible, the main purpose of an electrical breaker box is to “break” the flow of electric current it breaks the current being supplied by the City’s electric company into manageable doses fit for use throughout your home.


Electrical circuit breaker panels or electrical panels as they are commonly called, protect your home. They are responsible for powering everything from your light fixtures, to TV’s, & refrigerators, toaster ovens, hair dryers, and even electric vehicle charging stations. When electrical panels become worn out or outdated and need to be replaced it is vital that you call a trusted electrical company that specializes in this type of work. Electrical panel replacement in Tampa is far more complex than installing a new ceiling fan or switching out a few light switches. It requires understanding the electrical demands of a home and it’s modern appliances.

They serve as the main and sometimes only safety net between your home, overloaded electric current, and the potential for devastating house fire. Do not allow an improperly functioning electrical panel to cause harm to your home, yourself, or your loved ones.

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Inside look at a labeled circuit breaker panelIt is highly likely that your home’s circuit breaker box has two vertical rows lined with breakers for the various rooms and areas of your home. Located directly below these breakers, or above as is most common, is the main breaker. As the name might suggest the main breaker controls the power to all of the other breakers inside the panel. If switched off, all of the circuits in your home will be turned off at once.

Warning: Flipping the main circuit breaker does NOT cut the flow of electricity to your entire home.

The breakers in the rows will be for primarily for the branch circuits in your home. These will include circuits that feed electricity to lighting in main living areas, bathrooms, and bedrooms and their outlets. There will also be addtional, stronger circuits to the kitchen and garage.


If your home’s electrical panel is not functioning correctly, nothing else in your home is either! This is why electrical panel issues can be so alarming and frustrating deal with. If your home has fallen victim to a failing or outdated electrical panel, we can help! Electrical panel repairs should only be carried out by the most competent and highly trained electricians. They require fast response time, a thoughtful approach, and surefire solution. Our team of expert electricians can handle your breaker panel issues no matter how severe.

Call on Mr. Electric for breaker panel repair in Tampa when:

  • Your notice breakers tripping on a consistant bases
  • You have lights in your home that flicker constantly
  • Your breaker has tripped and will not reset
  • You hear buzzing or humming sounds around the box
  • Your circuit breaker panel is emmitting heat or is hot to the touch

The above are serious signs of a damaged electrical panel that must be repaired immediately!

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