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The most trusted name in residential electrical services, Mr. Electric of Tampa, now proudly provides true Smart Home and Home Automation set up. From smart light bulbs & temperature regulation, to wireless security cameras and bluetooth activated door locks, there really isn’t much that today’s technology cannot do. And with the help of Mr. Electric’s certified electrical staff you can rest assured that whatever system you choose will be properly installed & interfaced.

We have the knowledge, training, and experience necessary to safely and securely install the following home automation devices/systems and more!

  • Samsung SmartThings Hub
  • Wink Hub 2
  • Ring Alarm
  • Adobe IOTA
  • Nest
  • Scout Alarm
  • Hubitat Elevation
  • Google Home
  • Brilliant Control
  • Amazon Echo
  • Wyze Cam Pan
  • SkyBell HD
  • August Smart Lock Pro + Connect
  • ADT Pulse
  • SimpliSafe
  • Ecobee 4
  • Phillips Hue Family
  • Any & all home automation systems
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In today’s world even a few minutes without internet on a mobile device or computer, can seem like forever. The interent brings an immeasurable amount of convenience and simplicity to our everyday lives. Can you imagine a world in which all of your devices, not just your iPhone or Android mobile phones and Mac or Windows PC’s, could connect to the web? Clocks, security cameras, speakers, entertainment systems, doorbells, windows, blinds, your hot water heater, washing machine, refridgerator, you name it! Now imagine a reality where all of those devices communicated with you. What if you they could send you information & obey your commands? This is the world we live in, this is the Internet of Things. It is the key to home automation and “smart homes” and it is awesome!

In the simplest terms possible home automation is exactly what it sounds like: automated control over various items throughout your home. From window shades to thermostats to washing machines.

Below we will cover a few of the many different smart home product categories to delve a little deeper into the various ways daily life is being made easier for homeowners across the world. From temperature control to security systems to fun and innovative ways to connect with family members while your away.


Smart home hubs or “controllers”, as they’re commonly called, serve as a bridge that allow us to connect your various tech and get it working together nicely. For instance, when you mix different devices from various manufacturers you’ll want to get them to work together from a single control point. Whether that be a display screen or remote in your home or your mobile device. This elminates the need to access different automation items from different applications. Why login to an app for your bluetooth activated front door lock and then another app to make sure your home security system is online and switched on when both of these items plus many others can be controlled from one single application?


In short, smar thome hubs get your home’s technology working together. They provide remote access and allow for ease of control and greater simplicity than operating many different appliances and products individually.



The term “smart lock” is used to denote an electronic lock that utilizes bluetooth, WiFi, or other communication protocol to interact with other devices in your home. Typically smart locks are operated by an application on a cell phone or key fob. They add convenience and save time by automatically unlocking your door as you approach, keep a record of locks and unlocks, and can even allow for keyless entry (via pinpad) in the event that you are without keys or your cellular device.

One of the cooler benefits of a smart door lock is in it’s ability to send a signal to your home’s wireless thermostat to either turn on or off heating or cooling as you enter or exist your home. They can even allow for lighting control so that you can safely enter a well-lit home as opposed to stumbling down a scary, dark hallway at night.


When it comes to smart or electronic locks for your home, they all perform the same basic function; which is to grant remote access to your home. Most smart locks on the market come equipped with keypads. This allows for back-up access in the event that you are without a fob or mobile device, or if you want to grant one-time access to a cleaning service or repairman in your absence. Coupled with a smart home security system, having a plumber or maid in your home unsurpervised is nearly zero risk.

The enhanced functionality of smart locks will vary from brand to brand. From auto-locking features to security alerts that notify you when doors are opened or closed, smart locks continue to add safety to residences throughout Tampa!


When setting up your smart home automation in Tampa, the job would not be complete without the addition of a smart thermostat to regulate your home’s heating a cooling. Aside from the added convenience of controlling your air conditioning & heating from your mobile device, computer, or tablet, you’ll also make your home more energy efficient!

Today’s smart thermostats are easy to use, have simple touchscreen interfaces, and allow for remote control of your home’s temperature when you are away. What’s more, your smart home’s new and improved smart thermostat can also “learn” your habits and adjust your home’s temperature without you having to lift a finger. The more advanced units can even be controlled by your voice!

It is a good idea to consult with a local HVAC company as well as your local Tampa electrician before purchasing a unit. Understanding your HVAC systems energy source and whether your heating and cooling run on the same or different systems are important parts of the smart home thermostat selection and installation process.



When upgrading your home to the smart home of your dreams, smart lighting is a great starting point. Upgrading to smart lighting requires little time and effort when compared to some of the other automation options but the difference it can make in your home are significant!

When having smart lighting installed in your Tampa home you’ll want to start with smart bulbs. You will typically encounter two options here, white only and color. Color bulbs will usually set you back a little more in the cost department but have the added benefit of allowing you to set the lights to any color of the rainbow.

This can allow you & your family to have a lot of fun with your lights. Some of the cooler features are options like the abillity to mimic sunrise or sunsets and switch light colors from energetic blues/whites to calming warm orange hues. When integrated with Alexa, Google Assistant & Google Home, or other smart home hubs, you can even set your lights to change color with your daily alarm.

Above we are just scratching the surface of some of the amazing things that can be accomplished when you make the switch to smart home automation in your Tampa home. From smart door locks, to security cameras, to thermostat control, and lighting that is breathtaking, there are no shortage of ways a whole smart home set up can benefit your daily life.

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