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Mr. Electric is locally owned and operated, and we’ve worked hard over the years to become the top electrical contractor in Town ‘N’ Country, FL. We combine our dedication to honesty and integrity with a commitment to the complete satisfaction of each client on every job we do. That’s what puts us at the top of the heap when you’re choosing an electrician in Town ‘N’ Country, FL. Not only do we employ a team of professionally licensed electricians, but we also make sure every member of our team undergoes continued training that ensures they’re aware of all the latest advancements in the electrical industry. Reach out to us today and find out why residents of Town ‘N’ Country, FL consider us the top electrical company in the area.

How We Can Help You

The seasoned electricians on our team are among the best in their field. Whether you’re looking for a seemingly small electrical installation or you require an entire system overhaul for your home in Town ‘N’ Country, FL, the electricians at Mr. Electric have the solutions you need. We perform an extensive range of electrical services, and we can take care of any electrical requirements you have. The following are just a few examples.

Electrical Safety Inspections

There are all sorts of things that can damage the wiring in your home. Unwanted pests that find their way into your walls and ceilings, water leaks and even just natural wear and tear can lead to exposed wiring and other electrical hazards that can cause your home to be unsafe and inefficient. Fortunately, one of the electrical services that we provide is a routine safety inspection. If your home is newer, many industry experts say that you should have these inspections performed every seven to 10 years. However, if your home is a few years older, it’s generally recommended that you have a licensed electrician inspect your electrical setup every three to five years.


  • Ballast and Bulb Replacement
  • Bathroom and Kitchen Lighting
  • Commercial Specialty Lighting
  • Holiday Lighting
  • Landscape Lighting
  • Lighting Controls
  • Motion Sensors
  • Recessed Lighting
  • Retrofit Lighting
  • Read more about our Residential Lighting Services


  • Child Proof Outlets
  • Electrical Panel Upgrades
  • Dedicated Computer Circuits
  • Electrical Code Updates
  • Electrical Safety Inspections
  • GFCI Outlets
  • Whole House Surge Protector Installation
  • Wiring Updates


  • Carbon Monoxide & Smoke Detector Installation
  • Ceiling Fan Installation
  • Circuit Installation and Upgrades
  • Commercial Electrical Panel Upgrades
  • EV Charging Stations
  • Exhaust Fan Installation
  • Generators
  • Power Conditioners
  • Power Consumption Meters
  • Tankless Water Heaters
  • Smart Home Automation
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General Lighting Upgrades

As time passes by, interior design trends change. One of the best ways to breathe new life into any space in your home is to have a lighting upgrade. Whether you’re looking for new light fixtures to replace those old ones or you want to install track lighting or recessed lighting, it’s a good idea to have the job performed by a professionally licensed electrician in Town ‘N’ Country, FL. Our electricians can install the light fixtures that you choose for your home and ensure that everything works exactly the way it’s supposed to. Your satisfaction is our top priority. Not only will we stay until everything is working properly, but we will also see that your new light fixtures look the way you want them to.

Heavy Ups

Depending on the age of your home, you may have noticed that lights flicker, fuses blow or breakers trip when you try to use multiple electrical appliances at the same time. If that’s the case, you’re in need of a major upgrade, known as a “heavy up” in the world of residential electricity. A heavy up generally involves having a professional replace your home’s electrical panel. This replacement allows an electrician in Town ‘N’ Country, FL to increase the amperage for your residence. With this boost in electrical capabilities, you will start noticing that your appliances and lights are operating better with fewer power surges, blown fuses and flickers.

Ceiling Fan Installation

Ceiling fans can serve a variety of purposes in your home. They provide a wonderful design focal point for a room. Decades ago, ceiling fans were largely an eyesore, but today, they provide a wonderful look that can freshen up virtually any space. They can also help increase the comfort in any room all year round. Thanks to the switch on the ceiling fan that dictates which way the blades rotate, you can create a cooling downward breeze in the summertime or draw air upward in the winter to circulate warmth around the room more evenly. Both functions relieve some of the stress on your HVAC system. The enhanced comfort a ceiling fan produces actually allows your HVAC system to operate less, and this leads to a more energy-efficient home with lower utility costs. If you don’t already have them, consider asking an electrician from Mr. Electric to install some in your Town ‘N’ Country, FL home.

Trust the Professionals

DIY enthusiasts can do a lot of tasks around their own home. However, there are some jobs that should always be left to the pros. Instead of trying to take on any type of electrical work yourself, you should always call for professional electrical service in Town ‘N’ Country, FL.

There are plenty of reasons not to try to tackle an electrical job on your own, with the most obvious being that it’s simply unsafe. Not only do you subject yourself to potential electrocution if you aren’t trained in how to install and work on electrical systems, but you’re also putting your family in danger. Electrical fires account for more than 20,000 residential blazes every year in the United States. Trying to take on an electrical job yourself increases the likelihood that you’ll end up in that number. Instead of gambling with your safety and the safety of the people you love the most, trust the professionals at Mr. Electric to do all of your electrical work.

Your Source for Outstanding Electrical Work

Over the years, the electricians at Mr. Electric have provided virtually every type of electrical service in Town ‘N’ Country, FL. With so much experience, there’s no wonder that our team has become the go-to source for all types of electrical needs in this area. Our commitment to customer service, quality work and integrity helps us stand out in a crowded field of other electrical companies. Call us today at (813) 359-1944, and let us know how we can serve you.


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    Dean from Mr. Electric did a fantastic job on installing wires, lights and fans for us. They explained everything so well and the price was great. Dean is so respectful and on time. They cleaned after they were finished and did an amazing job. Very professional and so nice! Highly recommended this company and Dean.

    Phylica Doty

    I worked with Austin and Dean and they did great job installing recessed lights in my house and lights in my garage. They were very professional and cleaned up areas they worked. They explained in full detail what they will do and provided instructions. The overall price of the project was reasonable and within our budget. Highly recommended and we would definitely work with this company again.

    Jose Romero

    Mr. Electric Lutz was super knowledgeable and friendly. They explained pricing very clearly, no gimmicks. Highly recommend this company to anyone.

    Kuvira S.

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